Sarah Reed is a Production Designer for theatre, immersive experiences, and mixed-reality productions. During the Pandemic, Sarah started to pursue virtual reality development and design and bring it into her portfolio. She has been a Scenic Designer in theatre for several years and now resides in the Washington D.C area where she works as a Freelance Production Designer and an XR Consultant. 
Sarah WAS TAUGHT HOW TO CREATE VR/AR applications THROUGH Eon Reality's International Academy, and She  spent time teaching at the University of Missouri-Kansas City as the Intro to Unity Professor. sHE ALSO WORKED IN UMKC'S Innovation Studio's VR Lab WHERE SHE COULD EXPLORE AND EXPERIENCE new technology  AND BECOME AN Art Director/Scenic Designer for a virtual reality production in Mozilla Hubs. Sarah studied Theatre Design and Technology with an emphasis in Scenic Design in her undergraduate and graduate career, earning her MFA  from UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI- KANSAS CITY, and a BFA  from Western Michigan University. 
please reach out with any inquiries and collaboration opportunities! She is open to and always excited to work on new projects with other creative minds.
Instagram: @skreeddesigns
Thank you!
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